The Rustic Barn Ethical Responsibility

Sustainability and Responsibility

At The Rustic Barn we believe in the shared responsibility of individuals and businesses to consider their impact on the environment and the precious natural resources we all need to live, survive and thrive. 

We've built and based the framework of The Rustic Barn to optimize the use and value of some of the world's resources that already exist and have apparently come to the end of their useful life. We know that, in reality, they have not come to the end of their useful life. This is far from true and we enjoy spending our time in The Rustic Barn workshop to prove it.


Old Railway Sleeper Wedding Bench Seating


Old Oregon Roof Joists given new life as Two-Post Wedding Arbour

RECLAIMED | RESTORED | RE-PURPOSED  Old Jarrah Floor Joists given new life as Elegant Wedding Chair Hire


Old Jarrah Floor Joists given new life as Elegant Wedding Chair Hire

Our Passion

We not only care about the impact of consumerism but we're passionate about reducing our impact. As a rustic wedding hire supplier and home decor gift boutique, we know that the problem is greater than us and is not something we can achieve on our own or in our own strength; but we're dedicated to doing what we can with what we have to make a difference. And we truly believe that if everyone did what they can with what they have- it would make a remarkable difference.

By hiring from our collection of rustic wedding hire or purchasing a gift from our gift shop you are making a significant contribution to sustainable business and sustainable living on our precious planet. By hiring from The Rustic Barn or buying a rustic home decor gift you're making a stance to say reclaiming, recycling or restoring is important; and a stance to say that you care about the environment as much as we do; and for that we say thank you. 

Here are just some of the ways we make sustainable business our everyday business.

Reclaimed materials

We work with reclaimed timber; railway sleepers, wine barrels, pallets and posts and hand-craft them into something new and spectacular for betrothed couples to enjoy on their special wedding day.

recycled business cards

We order our business cards from a trusted vendor who uses 100% recycled materials. 

Printing and paper

We consider the environment before printing emails and paperwork; and when we can't avoid it we print on recycled paper. 

Contact Us

If you have any enquiries, questions or feedback we would love to speak with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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