Ethical Wedding Hire

every bit counts...

At The Rustic Barn we're passionate about social justice and caring for the beautiful environment around us. So it seems natural to us to incorporate that into our everyday business. As a professional wedding supplier, we're excited to be a vessel for other betrothed couples to celebrate their wedding day with their friends and family while also making a positive impact on the world. 

Ethical wedding hire is about knowing where the wedding prop or furniture comes from, what it's made of and who made it. Often plastic wedding hire is imported from overseas and in these cases it's hard to be sure of the manufacturer's conditions, how sustainable their practice is and what materials and chemicals are being used in their production. 

We're very open about our wedding hire. We know exactly what it's made from; locally reclaimed, recycled and repurposed material, and we know that we made it or re-purposed it, right here in Adelaide, South Australia. 

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