Rustic Wedding Bomboniere

Personalized Wedding Favours - Tealight Candle Holder

Looking for a unique wedding favour that won't cost the earth?

The Rustic Barn offer beautiful, character-filled and naturally wine stained wedding bombonieres that help save the earth! We re-purpose retired wine barrels and hand-craft them into individual tealight candle holders. 

We craft each tealight candle holder from locally reclaimed wine barrels and finish them with a light, protective oil. An elegant choice, our tealight candle holders are a beautiful, personal keepsake for your guests.

Tealight Candle Wedding Bomboniere
Rustic Wedding Bomboniere
Personalized rustic wedding bomboniere

Each tealight candle holder measures approximately 8cm x 8cm - although, in true rustic style, no two are exactly the same! Some are slightly larger and some are slightly smaller as their size depend on individual wine barrel staves (which vary in width around the barrel).

You can see (and smell!) the rich wine-stained oak on the side and underside of the wedding favour. The deep wine-stained colour has seeped into the barrel as it draws the oak flavour during the fermentation or aging periods of wine making.  This stain creates the natural ombre look down the side of each tealight candle wedding bomboniere. 

The deep purple wine stain encompasses the inside of the wine barrel and features on the bottom of the candle holder while the stunning detail of the aged oak features on top.


25-49 QTY | 6.50 each.

 50-99 QTY | 6.00 each.

100+ QTY | 5.50 each.

Want to personalize your wedding favour? 

Talk to us about personalizing your tealight candle holders by branding your initials and wedding date on the bombonieres.

A small fee applies for this set up but we promise it's worth it for a personalized wedding gift your guests will truly appreciate. 

Contact us today for a quote.